Spare Keys

Having 2 car keys is essential. The main reason is if you lose one key, you’re not quite in trouble yet and you have another lifeline, however if lose your only key then that can cause an array of problems as you are stopped dead in your tracks and potentially you are far away from home or any help.
Think of it this way, if you ever wanted to sell your car privately or to a dealership, you are looking at having to reduce that asking price. Dealerships on Average will offer you £300 less for your car if it only comes with one key and believe it or not, you’ll more than likely get pressured in to selling it cheaper privately too.
Here at The Car Key Group, we can provide you with a spare key for a fraction of a cost of a main dealership price, we want to make sure that you will never be overcharged again or lose out on hundreds of pounds when selling your car.